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Milk thistle: medicinal properties and contraindications

Milk thistle is familiar to almost everyone and everyone - these lilac flowers on thin stems with whitish leaves grow along the roads and in the meadows near the reservoirs and in the garden. Many simply remove this weed, without thinking that it is he who can give a person health and harmony!

Folk healers say a lot of good things about the benefits of milk thistle, but the importance and necessity of using this plant in the treatment of the liver is recognized by official medicine. Many medicines contain thistle seeds and oils, although in traditional medicine, both flowers and leaves of the plant are used to prepare therapeutic agents.

Milk thistle - benefits, medicinal properties Thistle and flour from the seed of milk thistle. How and to whom to use milk thistle. Recipes from milk thistle Milk thistle - harm and contraindications

Milk thistle - the benefits, healing properties

The seeds of the plant in question contain a whole range of nutrients: flavonoids, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, and minerals. And the silymarin contained in them makes milk thistle an excellent hepatoprotective agent.

What is the use of milk thistle:

  1. With regular use (courses) means on the basis of the plant in question have a protective effect, prevent pathological violations of the functionality of the liver due to the use of alcoholic beverages, toxic substances.
  2. Regular intake of milk Thistle leads to the strengthening of hepatocyte membranes - these are liver cells.
  3. The risk of liver obesity is significantly reduced.
  4. The metabolic processes occurring in the liver normalize and stabilize.
  5. Milk thistle helps the work of the gallbladder - this plant can increase and facilitate the flow of bile.
  6. If there is an inflammatory process in the liver or gallbladder, the use of drugs based on the disease in question helps to stop the progression of the pathology.
  7. The level of self-purification of the liver rises.
  8. If there are damaged liver cells, the use of milk thistle contributes to their recovery.

Besides the fact that milk thistle is actively used for the treatment and prevention of liver diseases, there are still quite a lot of useful properties of this plant. These include:

  1. The use of milk thistle in the form of broth can alleviate the condition of pregnant women with a powerful early toxemia.
  2. If there is a history of diseases associated with impaired functioning of the cardiovascular system, then for the prevention of strokes and heart attack, consider the plant in question.
  3. The use of milk thistle as a medicinal plant would also be appropriate for diabetes mellitus, varicose veins, obesity, acquired immunodeficiency, jaundice, cirrhosis of the liver.
  4. Drinking broth or tincture of milk thistle will be recommended to those who have recently undergone a course of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and have undergone radioactive radiation.
  5. The use of drugs based on milk thistle, as well as products from the category of "traditional medicine", will provide the necessary assistance for cholecystitis, pathology of the pancreas and spleen, salt deposits, osteochondrosis.
  6. Thistle is also actively used in dermatological practice - it will become an effective remedy for dermatitis, vitiligo, burns, baldness, psoriasis, acne, neurodermatitis, trophic ulcers, eczema.
  7. Milk thistle is used to prepare fresh juice (from leaves and stems) - it is used in folk medicine to treat prolonged constipation, and official medicine recognizes the beneficial properties of milk thistle in the treatment of colitis.
  8. Infusions from the seeds of the plant in question and decoctions can and should be used to treat angina, pharyngitis, cold cough, stomatitis, periodontal disease.

Thistle meal and flour

When the seeds of the plant in question are squeezed, the result of this process will be the formation of not only oil, but also meal.

Meal is a powdery-type substance that is rich in fiber.

This substance is considered the best option for the treatment of intestinal diseases, the meal cleans it, stimulates the normal work, normalizes the microflora.

Milk thistle flour is simply a powder from the seeds, cooked without first pressing the oil.

Flour is usually used to restore the liver - if you mix the flour with the oil of the plant in question, you get an excellent means to restore the liver cells - even the most popular, modern drugs of the pharmacological industry cannot “boast” of such active healing properties.

Please note: for the treatment and prevention of liver diseases, milk thistle meal benefit is very high, but there will be no harm to the body at all - you can safely use it daily and for a long time.

The only restriction is that the meal cannot be taken in any form to pregnant women and children under 12 years old. If a person has a diagnosed cholelithiasis, then you will need to consult a doctor.

In addition, the meal actively helps to solve problems with the functionality of the liver, it will be useful to take it also for pain in the joints, migraines, heart diseases, hemorrhoids, high cholesterol, diseases of the spleen. It is recommended to take 1 tablespoon of milk thistle meal with food - this will be enough to normalize the work of organs and systems.

Often the flour from the seeds of the plant in question is used in cooking - it is added to salads, cereals, pastries, but note that the product should not exceed 20% of milk thistle flour. Some people use flour at all to make a drink! And all this use will be useful for the body, only with the already existing chronic pathologies it is better to consult with experts.

How and to whom to use milk thistle

In order for the plant in question to really benefit the health, you need to understand and know in which cases and in what form milk thistle should be used. There are the following recommendations from experts:

  1. If there is excess body weight, the use of milk thistle decoction and the addition of flour of this plant to food will help to normalize lipid metabolism, remove harmful / toxic substances from the body, clean the intestinal tract and normalize its work. This will all lead to the natural loss of extra pounds.
  2. When diabetes is very important to use fiber - it prevents the jumps in blood sugar. A huge amount of fiber is contained precisely in the meal from the seeds of milk thistle, so its use is definitely necessary for diabetics. By the way, the meal contains both minerals and vitamins that are involved in the production of insulin.
  3. A decoction of milk thistle seeds, flour from them helps to restore the body after stress and stimulates the production of breast milk. It is not surprising that both the decoction and the seed oil of the plant in question are recommended for women to use in the postpartum period for a speedy recovery and for breastfeeding.
  4. Douching with a thistle decoction will help to cure vaginitis faster, relieve the condition of the woman during cervical erosion and colpitis. In the vagina with the above diseases, you can enter and tampons moistened with oil from the seeds of the plant in question.

In general, it is believed that milk thistle should be used by absolutely all people:

  • facilitate the state of alcohol poisoning,
  • will help bring a person out of binge
  • Included in the complex therapy for drug addiction,
  • contributes to easier passage of the rehabilitation period,
  • quickly restores the body after chemotherapy and radiation,
  • enhances immunity and serves as prevention of various diseases (this is especially important for residents of large cities).


You can dissolve 1 tablespoon of meal in 100 ml of warm water and take 2-3 times a day. Milk thistle flour can be added to cereals or pastries, but you will definitely need to adhere to proper nutrition and engage in physical culture at least in minimal “doses.”

Another useful advice on the use of milk thistle for weight loss - put 1-2 tablespoons of meal in a glass of kefir, drink this mixture overnight. Thus, the feeling of hunger will be quenched, and no fat / carbohydrate will not enter the body.

Chronic constipation and intoxication

100 grams of natural yogurt or kefir dissolve 1 tablespoon of meal and drink in the morning on an empty stomach. It is necessary to use this tool every day for a month. If you add to this recommendation 2 liters of pure boiled water per day, then toxins will be actively excreted from the body, the intestinal tract will be cleansed.

To improve liver function and alcohol dependence.

You need to take 1 tablespoon of the seeds of the plant in question and pour 200 ml of boiling water over it, insist for 20 minutes, strain and consume in small sips of 50 ml 20 minutes before eating. It is necessary to drink all received amount of money per day, and the first portion needs to be taken on an empty stomach in the morning, and the last one just before bedtime.

Liver disease

Every day you need to use 1 teaspoonful of flour from the seeds of the plant in question 4-5 times. The course of treatment is 40 days, then a 15-day break is taken and everything is repeated again. In general, this way you can be treated within six months - as a rule, this period is enough to normalize and stabilize the liver.


Every 3 hours you need to eat 1 teaspoon of meal until the symptoms of poisoning disappear.

Please note: whatever prescription is chosen, in the presence of chronic diseases in the body, it is necessary to consult with your doctor about the advisability of using milk thistle as a medicine.

Milk thistle - harm and contraindications

It is strictly forbidden to use the plant in question as a medicine in the following conditions:

  • mental illness
  • depressed
  • epilepsy,
  • children up to 12 years old
  • dyspnea,
  • gestation period.

It is extremely cautious to use / use milk thistle-based products to the following patients:

  • with diagnosed gallstone disease - treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a physician,
  • with impaired heart rate,
  • with bronchial asthma - milk thistle can provoke an attack of suffocation,
  • with elevated calcium levels in the body.

Individual intolerance of the plant in question is also often detected - in this case, any use of it will be prohibited.

Please note: if milk thistle was not used before, then during the first few uses a person may notice pain in the area of ​​the anatomical location of the liver - this is considered normal. If, after 2-3 days of treatment with the plant in question, the pain and discomfort did not disappear, then it is necessary to interrupt the course and consult a specialist.

Milk thistle - weed, but very useful! If you learn to correctly use medicinal products prepared on the basis of milk thistle, you can quickly, effectively and for a long period recover to your health, help your body cope with diseases of the liver, intestines and other organs and systems.

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Milk thistle - what is the use and harm

Hearing the word "milk thistle", many people do not even always understand what they mean. Meanwhile, this is a very useful plant, the unique composition of which makes it very valuable for human health. Why not learn more about the benefits of milk thistle and its wonderful properties for the treatment and prevention of various diseases? Everything you need to know is collected in this article.

Milk thistle - undervalued weeds

Milk thistle is popularly known under such names as "thistle", "burdock" or "tatarnik". This is a plant with prickly leaves and fluffy flowers of soft purple color that grows everywhere like a weed. Babies usually like to play with the seed baskets of the burdock, clinging them to each other on clothes and even on hair.

Therapeutic are mainly milk thistle seeds. Scientists have identified in their composition more than 200 different substances, each with its own individual action. In combination with each other, they form a complex for the fortification of the body, as well as its recovery and purification. What are these substances?

This is the collective name of a group of flavolignans that:

  • contribute to the destruction of free radicals
  • have a anti-toxic effect on the entire body,
  • act as antihistamines,
  • are hepaprotectors for the liver.

Silymarin content in thistle fruits reaches 3%; it is also contained in its leaves, stems and roots.

Milk thistle contains many vitamins, without which our body can not do:

There are other vitamins in milk thistle, the beneficial effects of which are caused by their interaction with each other.

The mineral composition of milk thistle is very rich, it includes:

The correct ratio of trace elements in the body ensures its healthy functioning.

Other substances

Among the many active substances contained in the thistle, can be called:

  • lignans,
  • flavonoids,
  • organic acids
  • essential oils,
  • saponins
  • squirrels,
  • fixed oils,
  • tar,
  • mucus.

Each of these substances is indispensable for humans, we all need them in a certain amount.

About the beneficial properties of milk thistle

Given what is the content of nutrients in different parts of the burdock, we can summarize by summarizing its beneficial properties for the body. Milk thistle is capable of:

  • repair damaged liver cells
  • reduce inflammation
  • heal wounds
  • detoxify
  • strengthen the immune barrier
  • reduce susceptibility to allergens,
  • prevent fluid retention
  • have a slight laxative effect,
  • inhibit the action of cancer cells
  • slow down the aging process
  • clean the skin from rashes,
  • strengthen the strength of blood vessels
  • increase lactation in mothers.

It is already clear that it is worth learning more about milk thistle, because its benefits are obvious in theory. It remains to personally try it in practice.

Battle of milk thistle

The propensity to disease makes people look for a cure in everything that surrounds them. Here and in the thistle in the first place people see the cure for various diseases. Who can cure an ordinary thistle? The following is a list:

  1. Food poisoning (including mushrooms, alcohol), toxicosis in women, intoxication of the body due to ingestion of toxic substances (drugs, heavy metals, poisons due to insect bites). Milk thistle can literally draw in everything harmful, like a vacuum cleaner, and remove it from the body. Burdock will also help avoid the consequences of adverse environmental conditions.
  2. Liver diseases - hepatitis, cirrhosis, traumatic injuries, dystrophy of the organ. The liver controls the body's metabolism. This function is impaired when its cells die.Milk thistle performs the function of hepaprotector, that is, it stimulates the formation of new cells, thereby increasing the missing parts of the liver.
  3. Obesity, diabetes. Sika milk thistle allows you to reduce weight due to its cleansing function, as well as the ability to establish metabolic processes and restore hormonal balance. In diabetes, it lowers blood glucose levels.
  4. Recovery period after oncology treatment. In this case, the cleaning action of milk thistle is simply necessary to remove radioactive products after irradiation and chemistry.
  5. Skin diseases - dermatitis, psoriasis, alopecia, acne, vitiligo, cosmetic problems. Most of these conditions are caused primarily by a decrease in immunity - local or general. Burdock preparations have a fortifying effect, remove inflammation, cleanse and tighten the skin, rejuvenating it.
  6. Secondary diseases that have developed as a result of toxic poisoning of the blood are arthritis, arthrosis, gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular pathologies. Cleansing the blood, milk thistle blocks the development of these diseases.

Thistle should not be considered as a miracle cure for all ills, but it has a good healing effect, therefore it can be used as an auxiliary treatment.

Thistle use options

The useful properties of milk thistle, revealed in the process of its research in medicine, prompted pharmaceutical companies to engage in its industrial production. To date, there are three pharmaceutical forms in which the burdock is produced - milk thistle meal, oil, and extract.

Meal, or thistle flour - This is the product obtained after grinding its seeds. It is a natural dietary supplement that can be used by people of all ages.

The supplement is taken three times a day before meals, 1 teaspoon, and washed down with plenty of water.

Reviews of patients and doctors watching them allowed to form an optimal regimen for taking the drug - the course lasts 40 days, then a 20-day break, then repeats again 40 days. There are no more than 4 such courses per year.

From the meal, you can prepare the tincture on alcohol. To do this, 50 grams of thistle powder need to pour 0.5 liters of vodka and insist. Will turn out milk thistle extract alcohol based.

Take the need for 20 drops of tincture before eating. Children can prepare milk thistle extract in water, but it is stored much less, so you will need to prepare fresh each time.

The pharmacy has a ready-made pill extract.

Thistle oil used mainly in cosmetology. The active components of the oil determine its therapeutic effect.

The oil can be applied to the skin, added to food or taken in the form of capsules inside. If you take a clean oil inside, you need to do this three times a day, 5 ml each time, always before meals for better absorption.

The course is 3-4 weeks of admission, then a 1-2 week break, then you can repeat.

Reviews of the treatment of milk thistle

Most often, positive reviews of milk thistle can be heard in the treatment of the liver. Patients say that the plant actually helps to get rid of problems with this organ. Also note the help of milk thistle in the intoxication of the body, including alcohol.

Reviews also indicate that in most cases this milk thistle improves the overall condition of the skin, joints, migraines. This plant is also used for weight loss.

Most of the reviews boil down to the fact that it is a good aid in reducing weight, which is able to cleanse the body and remove toxins. But the obvious effect of leaving extra pounds is not all.

Some say that milk thistle reduces appetite.

But not all reviews of milk thistle are positive. Some patients taking this plant, noted pain in the stomach, nausea, indigestion.

Special nuances and contraindications to the use of milk thistle

When used in recommended doses, milk thistle has practically no contraindications. However, it is worth considering some features:

  1. Thistle should be used with caution in people with mental disorders, as well as those who suffer from impaired respiratory function.
  2. It is necessary to consider the possibility of an individual allergic reaction.
  3. Children under 3 years of age are a contraindication to taking drugs from the burdock. As for children from 3 years, their age implies a reduction in dosage to 1 / 4-1 / 2 teaspoons per day.
  4. During pregnancy, take milk thistle can only pre-consult with your doctor.
  5. You can not combine milk thistle with alcoholic beverages. It combines well with other medications.
  6. If, against the background of the thistle intake, persistent discomfort in the liver begins to bother you, you may need to stop taking it.

Observing the above recommendations, with the help of milk thistle, you can improve your health without harm to it. Moreover, this tool is inexpensive compared to pharmacy drugs.

Ordinary weeds can be your home healer, just do not forget about prudence and treat serious diseases with only milk thistle.

In this case, the obvious need to consult a qualified specialist.

Learn about the beneficial properties of another interesting plant in our next article Sabelnik Marsh - the benefits or harm.

Milk thistle: how it is used for the benefit of the body and without harm to health. Benefit, harm and purpose of a common weed

The ability of milk thistle to have a healing effect on humans has been known since time immemorial.

The ancient Greeks and Egyptians more than 2 thousand years ago knew and used its useful properties.

Today, knowing the benefits of milk thistle, it is specially cultivated in many homestead and summer cottages, on an industrial scale - in nurseries.

Milk thistle: description, purpose

“Motley thistle”, “Marin tatarnik”, “Frogman”, “Holy thistle” - this is thistle names.

Belongs to the family "Complicated". This beautiful plant can reach a height of 150 cm. The color of the leaves, from light green to dark green, is covered with small spots of a silvery shade. Along their edges are long spikes. Each of the inflorescences collected in baskets lilac color. Fruit - achene, often gray (sometimes black, brown) color, odorless with a bitter taste.

The distribution area is quite extensive. It is easy to find in South and Central Europe, in Central Asia. In Russia, it grows only in the southern regions of Western Siberia, in the south of the European part of the state. It is found growing near roads, in wastelands and abandoned lands.

For many people, the plant is a weed. But the useful properties of milk thistle are so striking that it is used in traditional and traditional medicine as an effective, affordable drug.

Milk thistle: what is the benefit for the body

The plant has a therapeutic effect on the body due to the presence of a large number of components in its seeds. Fat and essential oils have a strong healing effect. Their content reaches 35%.

Of great value are chemicals from the groups of flavonoids and lignins, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins of groups A, E, K, D, F, B and micro - and macronutrients, resins.

So, just a gram of a plant contains (in mg) potassium 9.1, iron 0.09, calcium 16.7, magnesium 4.1, manganese 0.1, zinc 1.16, iodine 0.09, selenium 0.09 , chromium 0.16, boron 22.5. For pharmacology, its seeds are taken.

The main area of ​​use is the treatment of a number of diseases of the liver, stomach, intestines. Not a bad result is obtained in the treatment of gynecological, cardiovascular pathologies, skin and ENT diseases.

All components in the composition have a healing effect:

Silymarin - extremely rare substance. Helps to treat severe diseases of the liver and gallbladder. Thanks to him, the shell is strengthened in cells, protein synthesis is stimulated, the effect of many poisons and toxins is neutralized.

Fixed oils - reduce inflammatory processes, contribute to the restoration of many tissues and cells, stabilize the process of metabolism, accelerate wound healing, have a protective effect on the effect of carcinogenic compounds.

Essential oils - contribute to the normalization of the activity of the central nervous system, increase the secretion of many glands, improve the activity of the gastrointestinal system.

Resins - nullify the actions of pathogenic microorganisms, disinfect scratches, abrasions, help to increase the protective reaction of the body.

Lignans - prevent the emergence and further development of many types of cancer, remove toxins, help reduce cholesterol, normalize the amount of hormones, regulate the activity of the central nervous system, accelerate oxygen metabolism.

Flavonoids - their action is to strengthen the walls of the capillaries, neutralize all free radicals, normalize blood pressure, relieve inflammation, stimulate the adrenal glands, normalize heart rhythms.

Organic Acids - increase appetite, activate metabolic processes, strengthen immunity and remove accumulated toxins, regulate digestion.

Squirrels - their action is to provide the body with the necessary amount of enzymes and hormones, strengthen the immune defense, normalize the hormonal background, promote the implementation of the transport of hemoglobin.

Vitamins from group B - contribute to the removal of fatigue (mental, physical), stimulate the formation of sex hormones, provide the necessary energy supply for the nervous system and muscles, affect the condition of the nails, skin, hair.

Vitamin E - Antioxidant. It is necessary for the breakdown of the sex glands, normalizes the activity of the reproductive organs. Its action also consists in strengthening the walls of capillaries, preventing the formation of blood clots, accelerates wound healing, regulates the biosynthesis of many types of protein and RNA.

Summarizing the effects on the body of each component, it is safe to say that the beneficial properties of milk Thistle have a beneficial effect on the entire body.

Medical preparations based on it have the following actions:

Milk thistle - description of the plant

Milk thistleAlso called milk thistle, is an annual or biennial belonging to the Astrov family. Homeland plants - the Mediterranean region. But today the range of medicinal culture is wide, covering Africa, Europe, America, the central part of Asia.

The plant is considered a weed, and actively breeding and resistant to pesticides. But, despite the weeds, the grass is grown in Europe and China for pharmaceutical needs.

The weedy type is a biennial, and the cultured one is an annual. Smooth, loosely branched stem reaches 1.5 meters in height. The leaves are large, pinnate-lobed, the bottom surface is sinewy. Leaf peel is smooth, rich green with white patches.

The flowers are white, pink or red-purple. Flower baskets have a spherical shape, wrapped with prickly leaves. The basis of the inflorescence is soft, fleecy. The flowers are tubular in shape, heterosexual. Flowering occurs all summer. Fruit - bitter acrid.

The chemical composition of milk thistle

Healing properties have seeds, roots and leaves. In all parts of the plant are more than 400 useful substances. Of particular note are the following compounds:

  • Silymarin. The main active ingredient, through which milk thistle is a medicinal plant.This active chemical compound has a hepatoprotective effect, stimulates bile synthesis, blocks the action of toxins.
  • Essential oils. Accelerate the regeneration of tissues, normalize metabolism, quench inflammation, block the effect of carcinogens, improve the functioning of the nervous system and the digestive tract.
  • Phenols. They cleanse the body of toxins and cholesterol accumulations. Restore hormonal balance. Stimulate metabolism. Positively affect the work of nerve tissue.
  • Flavonoids. Strengthen capillary walls, normalize heart rhythm and blood pressure. Activate the adrenal glands. Extinguish inflammation. Neutralize free radicals.
  • Alkaloids. Improve blood circulation. Weaken pain syndrome. Maintain normal state of the central nervous system.
  • Resins. They kill pathogens. Strengthen the body's immune forces.
  • Saponins. Stimulate secretion in the bronchi. Activate the synthesis of steroid hormones. Maintain water-salt balance. Extinguish inflammatory reactions.
  • Organic acids. Improve metabolism. They cleanse the body of poisons. Restore appetite and digestive function. Positively affect the immune system.

Milk thistle also contains a large list of vitamins and minerals.

What is useful milk thistle for the human body?

For the manufacture of pharmaceuticals are used withEmena, rarely leaf extract and roots. Pharmacies sell milk thistle in capsules, in liquid and powder form, as dried raw materials.

The plant has a variety of positive effects on the human body:

extinguishes inflammation
is a hepatoprotector
accelerates the healing of skin lesions and ulcers,
acts as an antioxidant
reduces the likelihood of tumor pathologies,
is an immunostimulant
stimulates the production of bile
eliminates the symptoms of intoxication,
acts as a laxative and diuretic.

The main purpose of the preparations of milk thistle is the treatment of the liver. The use of plant extract in tablet form is indicated for:

protect liver tissue from exposure to toxins,
strengthening the membranes of hepatocytes - liver cells,
prevention of fatty liver,
improve metabolism in the tissues of the body,
normalization of the gallbladder,
extinguish inflammations in the liver tissues,
accelerate the cleansing of the liver
stimulate the regeneration of hepatocytes.

What else is the use of milk thistle?

  1. Broth plants helps get rid of toxemia during pregnancy.
  2. Lactic thistle It shows itself well as a means to prevent strokes and heart attacks. The plant lowers blood pressure, so it can be used to treat hypertension.
  3. Milk thistle tablets appointed to normalize the well-being of patients suffering from diabetes, obesity and other metabolic problems. Milk thistle also treats cirrhosis and jaundice.
  4. Decoction of the plant is used in the treatment of cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis. It improves the condition of osteochondrosis, radiculitis, and chemotherapy.
  5. Sheet juice is recommended to receive with prolonged constipation, with colitis.
  6. Thistle tincture suitable for rinsing the throat in acute respiratory diseases, accompanied by cough and inflammatory processes. Rinse the mouth with tincture is recommended for pathologies of the gums and stomatitis.
  7. The liquid form of the medicinal plant is used to treat the skin in many dermatological pathologies.
  8. Milk thistle syrup effective in pathologies of the liver, spleen, biliary ducts. Accelerates metabolism, promotes weight loss.
  9. Thistle Honey - A rare and expensive product. It benefits from radiculitis, anemia, hypertension, stress, poisoning, inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract.

The use of plants in traditional medicine

Milk thistle is actively used not only in pharmaceuticals, but also in traditional medicine. Below are the best recipes for eliminating various diseases.

  1. With hepatic pathologies. Take the leaves and roots of the plant in equal shares, crushed. 2 tablespoons of vegetable mixture poured 3 cups of boiling water. The medicine is infused for half a day, filtered, taken three quarters of a glass 3 times a day.
  2. With gastritis and chronic colitis. The juice is squeezed out of five large sheets, mixed with a liter of milk and 3 tablespoons of 70 percent alcohol. The medicine is taken 30 drops before meals three times a day.
  3. With constipation. The seeds are ground in a coffee grinder to a powdery consistency. It is used 5 times a day in a teaspoon, washed down with a sufficient amount of water.
  4. With hepatitis after the acute phase. Effective milk thistle tea. Take a teaspoon of a mixture of seeds and leaves, pour in a glass of boiling water, infuse for 20 minutes, filtered. The drink is consumed warm mug three times a day before meals.
  5. With varicose veins. A teaspoon of leaf powder is taken, poured with a glass of boiling water, infused for 15 minutes, filtered. You need to drink a glass three times a day before meals.
  6. With pancreatitis. You need to take 30 grams of crushed seeds, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, hold it in a water bath so that half the volume of water is evaporated. Broth should drink 2 tablespoons in an hour after eating. Therapy lasts 2 months.
  7. With diabetes. 4 tablespoons of ground seeds are taken, 0.5 liters of vodka are poured, left in the refrigerator for 20 days. The finished tincture is drunk half a tablespoon 3 times a day after meals. The course lasts 2 weeks.
  8. With stones in the gallbladder. Take 2 tablespoons of seeds, pour a glass of olive oil, languish in a water bath for 10 minutes. Drink oil medicine should be a teaspoon 20 minutes before eating, drink plenty of water.
  9. When hemorrhoids. Used by thistle oil. The tool treats the inflamed areas of the anorectal region 3 times a day after hygienic manipulations. You can moisten the swab with oil, immerse it in the anus for half an hour twice a day, preferably after emptying.

Milk thistle slimming

Losing weight is best to use. thistle meal - seeds ground to a powdery consistency. Take a tablespoon of powder, dissolved in half a glass of warm water. The solution is taken 2 - 3 times a day.

Meal is acceptable as an ingredient in baking, cereal, fermented milk drinks. For weight loss, just pour in a glass of kefir, used before bedtime, 2 tablespoons of powder.

Benefits for women

Thistle preparations are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. During pregnancy, the active substances present in the composition of the plant, can cause miscarriage or abnormal development of the embryo. During lactation, the active compounds, undesirable for a child, enter the children's body with mother's milk.

Oil plants gynecologists advise for the treatment of erosion and inflammatory pathologies of the reproductive system. Oil is inserted shallowly into the vagina with a syringe without a needle. After the procedure, a woman needs to stay in a supine position for more than an hour, so it is better to do the treatment before bedtime. This treatment lasts 2 weeks.

Useful properties and use of milk Thistle oil

The oil containing fatty acids and flavonoid silibin, blocks the action of degradation products, accelerates cell regeneration. You can use the product orally and externally.

Taking the drug inside is practiced in pathologies of the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, ulcers, heartburn and bloating.

Oil is taken only cold, frying on it is unacceptable. Most often, milk Thistle oil is used in the preparation of salads and other cold dishes, sunflower and olive oil.For pathologies of the liver and bile ducts, it is recommended to drink the product in a teaspoon while eating, and in case of an ulcer, take a tablespoon in a few hours after dinner.

Outwardly, oil is used to accelerate the tightening of skin cracks and scratches. Gauze, treated with oil, superimposed on the damaged area of ​​the body for a few minutes.

The product is used to improve the condition of dry and wrinkled skin. Masks with oil are spread on the face, held for up to 20 minutes.

Also, the product can be used to create masks for hair and enrich shampoos. Such masks moisturize hair, prevent dandruff and baldness, make hair color saturated.

The benefits and harm of thistle meal

The meal obtained from seeds is saturated with fiber, therefore it is actively used in intestinal pathologies. With the help of powder, the work of the digestive tract is normalized, intestinal cleansing is effectively carried out, the intestinal microflora is restored. To eliminate liver pathologies, meal mixed with the oil of the same plant is used.

The action of milk thistle powder on the liver is more intense than the action of many synthetic drugs. At the same time herbal remedy is harmless, does not give side effects.

Meal can be eaten on a tablespoon per day, or you can pour it into flour. The ratio should be 20% of the meal to 80% of the flour.

Made from powder Urbach - thick and tasty pasta. This product normalizes the digestive tract, speeds up metabolism, prevents the accumulation of toxins and salts, stimulates the secretion of bile. Women taking Urbech from thistle seeds is recommended for menopausal syndrome, cervical erosion and other pathologies of the reproductive system. The product can be eaten as a dessert, and can be added to salads, main dishes, sauces.

Contraindications and side effects

The product is strictly contraindicated in:

mental disorders and depression,
children under the age of 12,
thistle allergies.

Milk thistle is used with caution when:

stones in the gall bladder
heart rate failure

The product usually does not give side effects. Occasionally after taking pain in the liver, diarrhea, and an allergic skin rash are noted.

When to collect and how to dry milk thistle?

Collection of seeds is carried out from August to October, when white fluff appears on flower baskets. Harvesting of roots and leaves is carried out in the autumn after ripening of the seeds.

Cut baskets of seeds are laid out on a grid covered with paper, dried with good ventilation, but without draft. From the dried baskets on paper, the seeds are shaken out, dried further. Finished seeds are stored in fabric bags in a ventilated room.

The roots and leaves are washed, crushed, dried. Pour into glass, lidded jars.

Seeds are stored for 3 years, roots and leaves - a year.

What is a meal?

In the processing of thistle seeds by cold pressing, the medicinal oil is extracted. This process leaves waste - cake, from which after separation of oils with the help of organic solvents, meal is obtained. In essence, it is a by-product of extraction.

Sunflower, soybean, hemp, rapeseed, cotton, mustard cakes are high-value waste due to its high protein content. They are used not only in pharmaceuticals, but also in the food industry, in the confectionery and bakery industries.

The cake contains up to 7% fat, while the meal is only up to 3%.

Active ingredients for liver health

The main purpose of the product is to help the liver. Studies show that the rare compound silymarin is found only in the seed coat and includes 7 substances.

The most powerful scientists believe silibinin.This biologically active ingredient prevents toxins from settling in the liver and, acting as an antioxidant, stabilizes the hepatocyte membranes.

A special group of compounds found in milk thistle seeds is flavolignans. These include silibinin, silidianin, and silichristin.

Possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They help restore the liver and grow new cells, protect this vital organ from intoxication, viruses, the destructive effects of alcohol and heavy metals.

Every day, our liver needs extra protection from aggressive chemicals. Milk thistle can be at the head of such protection.

What does it look like?

In height, this one- or biennial plant reaches 60–150 cm (with proper cultivation, the height of milk thistle can exceed two meters).

An upright branched stem of a plant is clothed in dark green or light green leaves, dotted with silver pearl spots. In addition, the thistle leaves have long yellow spines on the edges.

The inflorescences of the plant are collected in lilac baskets, the diameter of which is 5–6 cm. The thistle fruit is a seed of gray, light brown or black color. The leaves that surround the basket are also equipped with a sharp spine. Each seed has a tuft of hairs that are two to three times the length of the seed itself. The seeds are odorless, but they have a bitter taste.

When to collect milk thistle?

The thistle seed is collected from August to October (the seeds of the plant ripen unevenly), namely during the period when the “parachutes” with seeds begin to fly and the baskets turn yellow. The main signal of seed ripening is the formation of a white cannon in the baskets themselves. Seed baskets are cut with a pruner.

The roots of the plant are dug out in the fall (after the seeds ripen) and washed under running water, preparing for drying. At the same time, thistle leaves are harvested.

Thistle drying

The cut baskets are laid in a thin layer on a sieve, under which the paper or fabric is pre-stretched. It is important that the room in which the baskets will dry be aired, but strong drafts should be avoided (otherwise, the “parachutes” with the seeds will fly away).

After drying with scissors, it is necessary to cut the spikes from the baskets, then break them and shake out the seeds. To dry the seeds are laid out in a thin layer on paper. In addition, you can collect the thistle baskets in a bag and thresh it well with a stick. Store seeds in a well-ventilated area in fabric bags.

The roots, like the leaves, are crushed and dried either indoors or in a drying cabinet, the temperature of which should be in the order of 40 to 50 degrees. The roots and leaves of milk thistle are stored in closed glass containers.

The shelf life of seeds - three years, roots and leaves - a year.

The composition of milk thistle

As mentioned above, the composition of milk Thistle includes a huge amount of biologically active substances. We describe the effect on the body of the main ones.

This substance, rarely found in nature, protects and heals the membrane, which is a membrane of cells of our body.

Silymarin action:

  • strengthening of cell membranes
  • promoting the formation of new cells
  • stimulating protein synthesis
  • increased bile production
  • neutralization of the action of toxic substances.

Thus, silymarin is an excellent prophylactic and therapeutic agent that helps prevent or cure liver diseases, as well as gall bladder.

Fixed oils

  • promote the regeneration of tissues, as well as body cells,
  • removal of inflammation
  • normalization of metabolic processes,
  • promoting wound healing,
  • protection from the adverse effects of carcinogenic substances.

Essential oil
The action of the essential oil:
  • normalizes the functioning of the central nervous system,
  • several times increases the secretion of glands,
  • regulates (namely strengthens) GI motility.

  • disinfect wounds
  • neutralize pathogens and bacteria,
  • increase the body's defenses.

  • eliminate inflammation,
  • accelerate wound healing
  • contribute to the removal of sputum.

  • remove toxins, thereby preventing the development of cancer,
  • reduce the concentration of cholesterol, which prevents the formation of sclerotic plaques,
  • normalize hormonal balance
  • accelerate metabolic processes
  • improve oxygen metabolism
  • regulate the nervous system.

  • strengthen the capillaries,
  • neutralize free radicals,
  • normalize blood pressure
  • regulate the functioning of the central nervous system,
  • stimulate the work of the adrenal cortex
  • relieve inflammation
  • normalize heart rhythm.

Milk thistle and vitamin E

Vitamin E is considered to be the main antioxidant among all vitamins. It is vitamin E that is actively involved in the process of neutralizing free radicals that violate many enzymatic reactions.

Vitamin E is indicated for men and women with dysfunction of the sex glands, because it normalizes the functioning of the reproductive system as a whole.


  • capillary strengthening,
  • prevention of blood clots,
  • reduction of manifestations of menopause,
  • accelerating wound healing
  • regulation of RNA biosynthesis, as well as proteins.

Milk thistle and selenium

Selenium is an indispensable trace element for the body, with pronounced protective properties. It is important for the full functioning of the cardiovascular system, strengthening the immune system, as well as the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Selenium action:

  • enhancing the perception of light by the retina,
  • prevention of liver disease,
  • neutralization (or paralysis) of aflatoxins, which protects cells from the negative carcinogenic effects of these poisons,
  • elimination of hot flashes during menopause, as well as maintaining the safety of sperm, since selenium is associated with sex hormones,
  • normalization of the thyroid gland,
  • excretion of radionuclides, as well as mercury from the body,
  • providing a direct toxic effect on tumor cells,
  • acceleration of wound healing.

It is impossible not to say about the close relationship of selenium with vitamin E. The fact that these elements interact exclusively together, and if necessary, additional intake of one of them should additionally introduce proportional use of the other. But vitamin E deficiency may limit the use of selenium by the body.

Small amounts of selenium have anti-dystrophic and antiallergic effects by suppressing histamine.

Milk thistle - choleretic agent

It is the liver that is responsible for the production of bile, which causes the breakdown of fats.

Thus, when the body is unable to detoxify, it adversely affects its functioning:

  • feeling worse in general
  • "falls" mood
  • sleep is disturbed,
  • headaches appear
  • skin loses its healthy appearance
  • there is a tendency to catarrhal diseases
  • blood circulation is disturbed.

It is milk thistle that most effectively fights these disorders, ensuring the elimination of bile.

Milk thistle and cholesterol

Excess cholesterol, deposited on the walls of blood vessels, creates atherosclerotic plaques, as a result of which the lumen of the vessels narrows and blood flow is hampered. And this, in turn, can limit the access of oxygen to the brain and heart, leading to the development of various cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack and stroke.

Milk thistle reduces cholesterol by removing it from the body.To do this, it is enough to take tincture from the seeds of this plant three times a day. For the preparation of 50 g of raw materials are placed in a dark container and poured 500 ml of vodka. Next, the tool is closed and infused for two weeks. Accepted tincture of 25 drops for half an hour before eating. The course of treatment is repeated twice a year, and in the intervals between courses, you can drink milk thistle tea.
More about cholesterol


It is used in chronic poisoning by alcohol, drugs, drugs, food, accompanied by intoxication. In addition, milk thistle is indicated for pregnant women with toxicosis and people living in ecologically unfavorable areas.

Few people know that milk thistle is a unique means of ensuring survival in case of poisoning with a pale toadstool.

What is milk thistle?

Milk thistle is a rather fastidious plant. It grows almost everywhere. Shrubs can be found in the courtyards, in the wastelands, in the fields, on the roadsides, on the border of the steppes with a forest belt. The second name is milk Thistle. The plant belongs to the family of thistles, has prickly stems, which are capable of reaching a height of 2 meters.

People have learned to use the healing properties of milk thistle for a long time. About the benefits of plants for human health is mentioned in the ancient Greek treatises of doctors Pliny the Elder and Dioscorides.

In ancient Greece, milk thistle was actively used to treat people affected by the bites of poisonous animals (snakes, spiders and other insects). In ancient Rome, with this plant, liver diseases, gallbladder diseases and even melancholy were treated.

When the widespread struggle with witches and medicine men began in the world, much knowledge of the useful qualities of milk thistle was lost. However, even this did not prevent medieval healers from using plant seeds in their practice. So, in Europe in the Middle Ages, they were the main medicine for the treatment of hepatitis.

Do not bypass the thistle their attention to modern medicine. It is actively used to treat diseases of the liver and gallbladder. Not only the seeds have therapeutic properties, but also the roots and leaves of the plant. They are used to update the cells lining the bile ducts, to improve the flow of bile, to increase the filtering ability of the liver, in the complex treatment of hepatitis.


In cosmetology, milk thistle is mainly used as one of the main ingredients of anti-aging, cleansing, wound healing and tonic creams, balms and ointments.

If we talk about the dangers of the plant, then with proper observance of the dosage and following the recommendations of the doctor, milk thistle preparations are absolutely harmless. Moreover, they are more effective and safer than drugs recognized by official medicine.

Thistle action

  • Improvement of motor and secretory functions of the digestive tract.
  • The increase in the protective properties of the body to the action of poisoning and infections.
  • The suppression of the production of histamines, causing headaches and allergic reactions.
  • Normalization of the liver.
  • Facilitating the metabolism of hormones (especially hormones of the estrogen group).
  • Improving the digestive process by increasing the production of bile.
  • Providing complete fat digestion.
  • Excellent absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.
  • Strengthening the detoxification function of the liver.
  • Promoting the regeneration of liver tissue.
  • Normalization of cholesterol.
  • Improving the condition of the skin.
  • Promoting the healing of ulcers.
  • Contribute to the process of losing weight.

How to use?

Milk thistle is taken in the form of decoction, infusion, powder, tea, tincture, syrup, tablets. Milk thistle can also be found in other medicines.

Seeds are used in a ground form, in the amount of 20 g per day (the powder is taken half an hour before meals, washed down with water).The daily dose is evenly distributed throughout the day.

You can brew the daily rate of powder in the evening (the powder is poured into a thermos and poured boiling water). Drink this infusion the next day.

If milk thistle is part of the drugs, then you should follow the recommendations of the doctor or read the annotation provided by the manufacturer of the medicine.

How to brew milk thistle?

To make milk thistle, 2 tbsp. crushed raw materials (these can be the roots of a plant or seeds) pour 500 ml of boiling water, after which the product is placed in a water bath for 20 minutes. Strained, pressed and brought to the initial volume with boiled water, the infusion is taken in half a glass three times a day.

Important! Milk thistle preparations are used half an hour before meals, or one hour after.

The course of treatment with milk thistle

The duration of treatment with milk thistle is from one to one and a half months (it all depends on the type of disease, its severity and the patient's state of health). If necessary, you can repeat the treatment.

For preventive purposes, it is recommended to take the preparations of milk thistle at least twice a year - in spring and autumn, when the body needs additional protection.

Methods of use for milk thistle

This form of milk thistle preparations is indicated for the restoration of liver function, the elimination of bile, the elimination of pain in joint diseases.

2 tbsp. Thistle seed powder placed in a thermos and pour 500 ml of boiling water, then insist means 12 hours, strain, carefully squeeze and drink 130 ml four times a day.

Thistle tincture is commonly used in dermatology to treat skin diseases.

50 g of seeds pour half a liter of vodka, insist two weeks (always in a dark place), while periodically shaking. Strained tincture taken 20 drops three times a day.

It is indicated for all diseases of the liver, pancreas, kidneys. Also used in the treatment of cancer.

30 g of seeds are boiled in 500 ml of water over low heat until half the water boils away. A decoction of a tablespoon is taken every hour (for example, from nine in the morning to nine in the evening) for three weeks, after which a break for two weeks is made.

Thistle phytotea in bags

The juice of this plant relieves joint pain, improves the digestive tract, normalizes metabolism, cleanses the skin, reduces inflammation.

Thistle juice is harvested when the plant throws out a flower arrow (that is, at the time of opening the first baskets). To prepare the juice, 5 largest leaves are removed from each plant, from which the juice is squeezed. Canned juice at the rate of 1 l per 50 ml of 70% alcohol. Stored means in the refrigerator. Taken on a tablespoon in the morning, on an empty stomach.

Milk thistle extract in capsules

The powder is indicated in the treatment of atherosclerosis, poisoning of various origins, psoriasis, and liver diseases.

The recommended dose is 1 tsp. powder from thistle seeds, no more than five times a day (powder is taken during the month). In advanced and severe cases, after a two-week break, the treatment should be repeated.

Milk thistle tablets

The oil, which is obtained from the seeds of milk thistle, has wound healing, burns and hepatoprotective properties. Therefore, it is not surprising that milk thistle oil is placed on a par with sea buckthorn. It is used in the treatment of diabetes, psoriasis, liver disease, eczema, and allergies.

For cooking oil 5 tsp. crushed seeds are poured 500 ml of olive oil, then the mixture is boiled in a water bath for about 15 minutes, infused for another half hour, filtered and taken in a teaspoon three times a day.

You can buy ready-made oil in a pharmacy, which is taken according to the instructions.

Other healing properties

To his use predispose frequent daily complaints about:

  • feeling unwell,
  • headache,
  • irritability,
  • poor bowel and stomach work,
  • restless sleep or lack of it,
  • dull and dry skin
  • frequent colds
  • circulatory disorders.

They are connected with the fact that the organism cannot independently carry out a high-quality purification from waste. Well-being will return to normal when toxins leave your body.

A wide range of useful properties allows you to use the product processing seeds of martin tatarnik in complex therapy:

  • hepatitis A,
  • cholecystitis,
  • gastritis,
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases
  • pancreatic diseases,
  • coronary artery disease
  • hypertension
  • varicose veins
  • inflammation of the blood vessels and heart muscle.

Milk thistle will be useful after:

  • poisoning
  • chemotherapy and radiation,
  • overweight.

When poisoning is recommended to take 1 tbsp. l meal at least 5 times a day, plenty of water with water until relief.

For hangover, prepare the tincture:

  • 1 tbsp. l thistle meal,
  • 200 ml of warm water.

Insist 30 minutes and drink.

Contraindications and side effects

Despite the safety of milk thistle and the almost absence of contraindications for use, it is necessary to use this plant (like any other medicinal herb) carefully and under the supervision of doctors. The fact is that milk thistle contains large amounts of calcium and phosphorus, which can lead to certain problems in the body. So, with caution should be taken to receive milk thistle people with cardiovascular diseases, because calcium and phosphorus contained in the plant can provoke a violation of the functioning of the heart valve.

Milk thistle is contraindicated in the following cases:
1. Individual intolerance (extremely rare).
2. Mental illnesses, including depressive states and epilepsy.
3. Shortness of breath (can provoke asthma attacks).

Pregnant and lactating women before taking milk thistle must necessarily consult with a doctor who will determine the appropriateness of the use of the drug.

In general, milk thistle goes well with other drugs.

Side effects
Side effects due to the use of milk thistle are extremely rarely caused by mild pain in the liver, and diarrhea. If such manifestations last longer than two days, you must stop taking the plant.

Milk thistle and alcohol

Getting into the body, preparations of milk thistle neutralize the effect of alcohol, remove toxins and slags, thereby eliminating the following signs of a hangover:

  • headache,
  • nausea,
  • weakness,
  • vomiting.

1 tbsp. Milk thistle seeds are poured with 250 ml of boiling water, infused for 10 minutes and drunk at a time. After 15 minutes, intoxication will significantly weaken, and the signs of a hangover will "go away".

Milk thistle is actively used in the treatment of alcohol dependence, since it has a beneficial effect on the liver, which is primarily due to the antioxidant effect of the plant. It was proved that the use of milk thistle preparations (namely, silymarin) for six months at a daily dosage of 420 mg led to biochemical changes in the body, indicating an increase in the antioxidant potential of not only cells, but also serum. At the same time, the concentration of substances that showed the properties of oxidizing agents decreased.

Milk thistle is an inexpensive, safe and effective method of reducing the progression of a disease such as cirrhosis of the liver (this disease is the true companion of alcoholism).

The healing properties of milk thistle

The complex biochemical composition of milk thistle determines the therapeutic effect of the plant. For the first time, scientists from the Institute of Pharmacy located in Munich took up the study of the components that make up the milk thistle seed. It was possible to confirm scientifically that milk thistle seeds are a real storehouse of vitamins, minerals and beneficial acids.There are more than 200 seeds in them.

At the same time, the most important discovery was made: a substance such as silymarin is present in the thistle seed. It is very useful for the restoration and normal functioning of hepatocytes (human liver cells).

Silymarin unites in itself at once the whole group of useful substances under the name of flavonolignans, among which:

Silymarins have the following beneficial effects for the human body:

Silybin contributes to the production of enzymes that have a damaging effect on free radicals (antioxidant effect).

Silymarins act as an antidote for poisoning the body with alcohol, poisons, antibiotics, pale toadstool (protective effect).

Silymarins contribute to the reduction of inflammatory processes in the body, help it to remove toxins faster (anti-inflammatory effect).

Due to the stimulation of the regeneration of liver cells, there is a decrease in the severity of allergic reactions (anti-allergic effect).

Silymarins contribute to the strengthening, restoration and regeneration of damaged liver cells and bile ducts (restoration effect).

Thistle fruits contain about 3% silymarin. It is present in the stems, roots and leaves of the plant, however, its concentration there is much lower.

Silymarin is not the only beneficial substance that goes into the seeds and other parts of milk thistle.

Besides him, the plant contains components such as:

Vitamins of group B, ascorbic acid, vitamins E, D, K.

Macro and trace elements.

Thistle Benefits

With the help of milk thistle you can not only treat, but also engage in the prevention of various diseases, including:

Diseases of the hepatobiliary system: hepatitis, biliary dyskinesia, liver cirrhosis, cholelithiasis.

Diseases of the digestive system. Treatment of diseases of the stomach and intestines becomes possible due to the renewal of liver cells. As a result, the use of milk thistle has a positive effect on the course of gastritis, colitis, pancreatitis, hemorrhoids, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Allergic diseases. Perhaps a decrease in the severity of allergic manifestations due to the purification of the liver from toxins.

Dermatological diseases. Very often, skin pathologies are caused by impaired liver function. If it does not cope with its functions, then it will certainly affect the condition of the skin. It is through them that the body tries to get rid of toxins, with the result that problems such as acne, acne and allergic rashes appear.

Treatment of food, alcohol and drug poisoning.

Treatment of intoxication with heavy metals (industrial poisoning).

Treatment of drug poisoning.

Treatment of poisoning caused by the poison of animals and plants. You can use milk thistle with the bites of spiders, snakes, arthropods, when ingested with the poison of fungi.

What happens to the liver during body poisoning?

The liver is an organ that is responsible for cleansing the body of toxins, is involved in the process of digestion and metabolism. All these three functions are life-determining for a person. The entire liver is permeated with a vascular grid, on which 1.5 liters of blood passes and is filtered in just 60 seconds. Such hard work of the liver is necessary to ensure the normal functioning of the whole organism. If the liver refuses to work, the person dies in a few days.

When the liver cells are not fully functioning, toxins and other harmful substances enter the blood and with its current are spread throughout the body. As a result, cardiovascular pathologies (atherosclerosis) develop, and gastrointestinal organs, bones and joints (arthrosis and arthritis) suffer.

Acceptance of milk thistle during poisoning

The modern world is not only electricity and a comfortable life. People pay for household amenities with chronic poisoning.Every day, a person living in a large city gets poisoned from industrial emissions, from car exhausts. No less affected are villagers, who with the same regularity face harmful herbicides.

Moreover, the overwhelming majority of the adult population periodically poison themselves with ethanol. This also includes the regular use of antibiotics. Already since childhood, the human body receives poisoning in the form of vaccinations.

In this regard, all the inhabitants of the modern world need to accept milk thistle. This is especially true for such categories of citizens as:

People working in hazardous industries.

People living in industrial areas.

People employed in the field of agriculture.

Alcohol abusers (milk thistle will be useful after each major feast or holiday).

People are overweight, with metabolic disorders. Milk thistle - an excellent means for losing weight, having a natural origin.

The liver is the organ that has the ability to recover. Even with the removal of 70% of organ tissue, the liver is able to function, and grow in just a few weeks to the size the body needs. The rate of recovery directly depends on whether there are “building materials” in the body for this purpose. It is milk thistle able to provide the necessary components of the liver, which will allow it to regenerate faster.

The use of milk thistle in the form of medicines

Due to the fact that milk thistle is widely distributed throughout the world, a person has the opportunity to get high-quality and inexpensive raw materials from it.

Milk thistle is available in the following dosage forms:

Oil in capsules or bottled.

Use milk thistle powder

To obtain a powder, the seeds are dried and ground. For the manufacture of the drug is only suitable mature seed. You can make this powder yourself at home, or you can purchase ready-made meal at a pharmacy.

Thistle powder is used not only to treat diseases of the liver and digestive organs, but also to reduce body weight, to reduce blood sugar levels, to reduce the severity of varicose veins.

The benefit of milk thistle powder is recognized not only by folk medicine, but also by official medicine. The dosage for an adult is a teaspoon 3 times a day. Take the powder before you start eating. Children under 12 years old appoint 1 / 2-1 / 3 teaspoon of powder.

Since milk thistle powder does not have a bitter taste, children do not refuse to take it. Powder to drink with water. If the child has not reached the age of 2-3 years, then you can mix milk with milk thistle or add to porridge.

The use of milk thistle oil for medicinal and cosmetic purposes

For the production of milk thistle will require mature seeds of the plant. It is used to accelerate the healing process of various wounds and burns. The most effective oil is cold pressed, as for its production the raw materials are not heated, which does not provoke oxidation processes. Therefore, this oil will contain a maximum of useful substances present in the plant.

Oil is produced in capsules and bottles. It contains B vitamins, vitamin D, A, E, K, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids, chlorophyll, silymarin, magnesium, selenium, zinc and manganese. Thanks to this composition, you can achieve maximum medicinal and cosmetic effect.

The benefits of thistle oil:

The oil is actively used in the treatment of gynecological diseases. With vaginitis and erosions, it is applied to the swab and injected.

Thistle oil is used in the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers.

It is useful to take the oil inside with sclerosis, as it helps to increase the elasticity of blood vessels.

The oil is used in the treatment of psoriasis and acne.

With the external use of thistle oil, it is possible to prevent the aging process of the skin, increases its elasticity, decreases spider veins and cellulite.

Oil consumed 30 minutes before a meal, a teaspoon 2 times a day. Thus it is possible to achieve its maximum absorption by the body. Treatment should continue for 3-4 weeks, after which you need to take a break for 7-14 days, and then the course can be repeated.

Thistle oil can be used as a preventive measure against many diseases. To do this, it is added to soups, cereals, they fill the salads and other dishes. It is important to add oil to already prepared food, as this will avoid its heating.

It is convenient to use milk thistle oil in capsules. Such a dietary supplement can always be at hand. One capsule contains 300 mg of oil. The capsule shell consists of gelatin. The dose for an adult is 3-4 capsules, you need to take such a volume 2-3 times a day. The course of treatment lasts 1-2 months.

Milk thistle oil can be harmful only under the condition of individual intolerance of silymarin included in its composition.

Milk thistle in capsules and tablets

Milk thistle extract can be produced in tablets and capsules.

These are drugs such as:

Carsil Forte (80 pills per pack). The drug is available in Bulgaria. One capsule contains 90 mg silybin, one tablet contains 35 mg silybin.

Hepabene (30 capsules per pack). Each capsule contains 50 g of silybin and a choleretic component.

Silymar (30 tablets). The drug is manufactured by a Russian manufacturer, each tablet contains 70 mg of silybin.

Legalon (60 capsules). Each capsule contains 140 mg silybin, which corresponds to a single dose for an adult.

Per day, an adult needs 400-420 mg of silybin. This dose must be divided into 3 doses.

Harm and contraindication of milk thistle

The instructions for use are those diseases in which you can take milk thistle. Since the substances that make up the seeds will have a choleretic effect, a person may experience a feeling of heaviness in the right hypochondrium, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

If an unpleasant sensation occurs, the dose of the drug should be reduced. If the pain has a sharp character, or the person’s general well-being deteriorates, you should refuse to receive milk thistle. Most often this indicates that the treatment did not follow the recommended dosage.

If a patient has severe pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, then it is necessary to take drugs with milk thistle in small doses. The initial dosage should be a few grams (drops). Take the drug once in the morning, 30 minutes before meals. If no pathological reaction occurs, then after 3 days the dose can be increased. Gradually, it is adjusted to 1/3 of a spoon 2-3 times a day.

Thistle should be carefully offered to people suffering from mental disorders and patients with shortness of breath, as the risk of a choking attack increases.

Contraindications for milk thistle are:

Pathology of the biliary tract in the acute stage. Since the preparations based on milk thistle contribute to the emergence of a choleretic effect, this can lead to an excessive load on the biliary duct. As a result, the patient may develop internal bleeding.

Carrying a baby and breastfeeding. Acceptance of milk thistle can trigger the onset of premature labor or miscarriage. Do not take this plant during lactation, as toxins excreted from the body will penetrate into breast milk and then into the baby’s body.

Milk thistle is a valuable plant that allows you to get rid of many diseases, products based on it are widely used not only for medical purposes, but also for cosmetic purposes. However, before you start taking medications with milk thistle, it is advisable to consult with a specialist.

Article author: Sokolova Nina Vladimirovna | Phytotherapist

Education: A diploma in medicine and treatment was obtained at the NI Pirogov University (2005 and 2006). Advanced training at the Department of Phytotherapy at the Moscow University of Peoples' Friendship (2008).

Preventive qualities

For prophylactic purposes (most often for the protection of the liver), 30-day courses of dietary supplement are taken in spring and autumn. Daily on an empty stomach consume 1 tsp. meal, washing down with 2 glasses of water. The required volume of liquid can be divided into several portions.

  • If an abundant feast is planned, it is recommended to take 1 tsp in the morning. meal. Start the next day with the same procedure. This will help strengthen the flow of bile, improve bowel function and protect against the development of acute or chronic pancreatitis.
  • Timely elimination of toxic and allergenic substances will reduce the risk of dermatitis and psoriasis.
  • Improving the digestion of food and normalizing the acidity of the stomach, you can avoid gastritis.
  • If your liver works without tension, it fully cleanses the body, the risk of depression is reduced, the effects of stress are minimized.
  • Prevention of heart attack and stroke, varicose veins, ischemia, vascular inflammation are additional bonuses when drinking milk thistle.

How to choose high-quality meal?

  1. Powdered meal is packaged in packages. The advantage of this form of release is that you can assess the quality of the food additive - see if there are any impurities and litter (a sign of poor quality). Prefer powder from plants grown in the southern regions - the content of nutrients in this product is higher. Meal from immature seeds has a gray-yellow or wheat color - silymarin in them has not yet had time to form. Mature seeds have a darker color.
  2. Meal in capsules is a popular food additive (due to the lack of bitterness), but no one can guarantee its quality. The fact is that the control at the release of dietary supplements is much less strict than in the production of medicines. This should be remembered.
  3. Complex dietary supplements with milk thistle is easy to find on the pharmacy shelves. Meal can be a part of similar food additives as the main or auxiliary component.

Many people are interested in the question: “How to prepare milk thistle seed meal at home?” Do not rush to do this, as in a coffee grinder or a powerful blender you will only have “flour”, which, if it has similar properties, has its own features

Reviews on the use of dietary supplements

George 3 years I accept "Thistle Thistle Meal". I drink courses. A good remedy is a natural, time-tested. Everybody in his family accepts him. It is a good sorbent, removes poisons, heals the liver. Useful thing! Sold in the pharmacy.

Oksana. Took 1 tsp. thistle meal. Start to choke. Scared. The husband called an ambulance. Diagnosis - angioedema.

Galina. She took an incomplete spoonful of milk thistle meal. Swollen tongue, it appeared sores. Someone grass helps. I heard more than once. I was not lucky. Allergy. Consult with doctors!

Broth from arthritis and sciatica

A tablespoon of milk thistle roots is poured with 250 ml of hot water (it is advisable to use enameled ware). Next, the tool is placed on a slow fire and boiled in a closed container for another 20 minutes. The broth taken from the heat is hot filtered through a triple layer of gauze, after which it is diluted with boiling water to 250 ml. A decoction is taken three times a day in a tablespoon.

The same recipe in the form of rinses will help to cope with a toothache, while ingesting it will heal urine retention and cramps.

Powder with poisoning

Powder seeds can be consumed 5 times a day, one tablespoon to relieve symptoms of poisoning (the decoction should be taken at regular intervals). The course of treatment lasts until the complete elimination of symptoms of poisoning.

In addition, milk thistle powder is shown during radiotherapy or chemotherapy, one dessert spoon four times a day (as in the previous case, milk thistle is taken at regular time intervals). Powder is taken for 20-25 days.

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