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Greenhouse with removable roof: 5 advantages


The greenhouse "Cabriolet" has a convenient design with a roof moving away upward, so that it is convenient to plant, weed and water the seedlings. The durable frame of the greenhouse is made of galvanized shaped pipes 20x20x1.2 mm. This model has a length of 2 and 4 meters.

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Two-sided construction - the roof can be raised on either side

Corrosion protection - the frame is made of galvanized metal,

Convenience - the “cabriolet” design provides simplicity and ease of use,

Ease of assembly - you will be able to build a greenhouse for a few hours according to the instructions

Compactness and mobility - the greenhouse can be transported in a disassembled form in a car.

Polycarbonate greenhouse with a removable roof: user reviews

Greenhouses with a removable roof have become very popular among farmers. Such greenhouses have found application, both in private use, and for industrial cultivation of vegetables.

The main purpose of the opening greenhouse is to be able to ventilate the structure in warm weather, when the air vents and the door are not enough for air to enter.

All the benefits of a greenhouse with a removable roof can be assessed only after its use. It is not necessary to buy a finished structure; if necessary, you can independently assemble it from inexpensive materials.

Positive points:

  1. In winter, snow falls through the open roof of the greenhouse to the ground, moisturizes and nourishes it, does not allow it to freeze and dry.
  2. Heavy snow cover can damage the frame of the greenhouse, if not removed in time. An arched design with an opening roof allows snow to accumulate inside the greenhouse, and not on its roof.
  3. Polycarbonate coating perfectly conducts light. If the weather is warm outside, you can open the roof so that the plants in the greenhouse directly have access to sunlight.
  4. Removable roof can completely replace ventilation in the warm season. In the heat, so that the plants do not soar under the roof, you can open the sash and open access to fresh air.
  5. It is very easy to install such a greenhouse; it does not need a special foundation, since the structure does not have a very large weight.

As a rule, the roof in the greenhouse should be removed very quickly and without much effort. To do this, curved polycarbonate sheets are inserted into the profile with grooves along which they will smoothly move and are equipped with special latches. After opening one of the parts of the roof, it can be easily fixed.

Convenient greenhouse "Cabriolet" with a removable roof

A popular type of greenhouse with a removable roof is the Flora-Cabriolet design. The roof in this greenhouse moves up and down due to the special installation of polycarbonate sheets.

In the open position, the sections do not move - they are fastened together by special valves. Most often, the valves are made of high-quality metal, not subject to corrosion, but if the latches are out of order, they can be easily replaced.

In the greenhouse cabriolet there are vents that can be opened for ventilation. However, in the intense heat of small windows it is not enough for the air flow into the greenhouse, therefore many farmers open several roof sections so that the plants can breathe well.

The cabriolet has a rather small size - the width is not more than 2.8 meters, the maximum length is 5 meters. The height depends on the dimensions of the structure from 1.2 to 2.2 m.

The polycarbonate coating maintains the snow well, protects from rain and holds the sunlight well - that is why beginner and experienced summer residents like polycarbonate structures. The greenhouse coating can withstand any temperature extremes and perfectly tolerates both a forty-degree frost and a temperature rise of up to +90 degrees.

In winter, snow falls down in the “Cabriolet” empty ajar greenhouse, thanks to which the soil is saturated with moisture and retains all the necessary trace elements. If the greenhouse is closed in winter, the snow does not accumulate on the walls of the structure, it easily slides down.

In small suburban areas used greenhouse-convertible - much more compact than the greenhouse of the same name. The principle of use is the same, but the summer resident gets access to the beds outside the structure. Arched greenhouse is mainly used for the cultivation of a maximum of two plant species.

Compact greenhouse with a coupling roof do it yourself: important little things

Before you build a greenhouse design, you need to determine the place for its placement. The area should be cleared of roots and bushes, the layer of earth should be leveled as much as possible.

To strengthen the stationary structure you need to prepare the foundation. Solid - if the greenhouse is large, tape - for a small greenhouse.

The place should be quiet, hidden from the wind. Near the future greenhouse there should be no buildings and tall trees that could obscure the sunlight. The right place is the key to a great harvest!

The construction of a greenhouse with a removable top practically does not differ from an ordinary greenhouse. The only difference is the installation of the roof top, which will fold or move. As a rule, polycarbonate sheets are mounted in special grooves. If necessary, part of the greenhouse can be thrown up or removed part of it (as in the "Matryoshka" greenhouse).

To improve the product, you can equip the greenhouse with a special mechanism. The principle of its operation - when the air inside is heated to a certain temperature, the mechanism is activated and opens the hatch for ventilation.

Many gardeners install removable roofs for spring and summer, and the fall after harvesting remove the cover, leaving only the frame. At the same time tightness is lost and durability of polycarbonate is broken, which often has to be mounted back and forth.

Dvukhskatnaya greenhouse "Delta" with a removable roof

This greenhouse is very similar to many other dvuhskatnyh structures coated with polycarbonate. The peculiarity of the Delta greenhouse is the ability to slightly open a part of the roof in summer or completely dismantle it in winter. It is enough just to pull a small handle and slightly open or completely remove the roof.

A greenhouse with a removable roof is not afraid of snowy winters - it is enough just to remove the roof and not worry about the soil inside the greenhouse. Also, you will not be affected by the problem of snow removal from the roof slopes.

The frame of the dual-slope greenhouse "Delta" is made of galvanized pipes with a cross section of 2 cm, which is not afraid of corrosion.

The width of the greenhouse is 2.5 meters, the length varies from 2.2 to 10.6 m. Despite the lightness of the design, experts recommend installing it on a brick strip foundation in order to avoid sinking it into the ground.

The frame and cut sheets of polycarbonate, which need only be inserted into the grooves for sliding, are included in the greenhouse package. You can do it yourself without the help of specialists. The roof can be opened completely up to the stop or partially opened for airing the greenhouse.

The advantages of our models

  • Serves dozens of years (SEC is much stronger than glass and any other translucent materials),
  • It does not accumulate snow on the roof (even if it is marked at the top, you will not need much effort to remove growths),
  • Perfectly passes a sunlight, protecting plants from cold,
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Does not rot, does not rust (with timely tint), does not deteriorate due to frost or temperature changes,
  • Gathers in one or two by non-specialists and in an hour or two by specialists.

How much do you think products should cost? And why is it still possible now? buy a high quality polycarbonate greenhouse in Moscow? The answer is obvious:

  • Turning to us, you get the opportunity reliable and strong product. That is, without extra charges, the size of which may be more than the cost of construction. You get the most favorable conditions.
  • Making an order on the site, you buy it in the online store, that is, in a company that does not spend big money on the maintenance of the trade area.

If you want to become the owner of a unique product, you will spend quite a bit of money and time. A few minutes - and the order is made, a few hours or days - and it will be delivered to your site. Hurry up! Today, there are still favorable prices with which you can purchase this important construction in any villa territory with minimal cost!

Gardening tips

Planting a tomato in the greenhouse - the best videos with helpful tips

Greenhouse cultivation of tomatoes, even in experienced gardeners can cause problems, because you should consider a lot of factors to grow healthy plants, fruits.

Scheme of planting tomatoes in the greenhouse, taking into account the type and size

Planting rules for tomatoes depend on the bushiness and height of varieties that determine the optimal pattern of planting tomatoes in the greenhouse. If you land a seedling less often, it will not succeed.

The best varieties of parthenocarpic hybrids of cucumbers for greenhouses

Partenocarpic hybrids have significant advantages over varietal and bee-pollinated cucumbers:

    characterized by increased resistance to the series.

Transforming greenhouses ↑

Preference in proposals is given to a metal frame, protected from environmental influences and polycarbonate, covering material for the roof and walls, which has unique properties: high lighting bandwidth, durability in use, low specific weight, which makes it possible to assemble and disassemble, assemble with attraction to the work of a small number of assistants and other qualities. Transformers greenhouses are very convenient and everyone can choose the option they like.

The main element of the greenhouse is the roof. It provides lighting, protection from unwanted precipitation, including rain with “chemicals”, snow, hail, etc. The summer resident’s dream is a roof that does not allow lethal doses of ultraviolet radiation, which is easy to remove accumulated snow and carry out ventilation without drafts. All these qualities have transformer greenhouses.

Greenhouse with removable roof

What to look for when choosing ↑

Before you buy such a collapsible greenhouse, you should familiarize yourself with the instructions from the manufacturer in order to make sure that you can assemble the greenhouse yourself or invite specialists.

After examining the instructions, make sure in practice that all elements and fastenings of the structure are effortlessly mounted and joined, especially the removable or hinged roof, doors and air vents, and wall parts easily slide in the slots-sled.

Tips for assembly and installation ↑

  • For the greenhouse on the dacha choose a flat place, with uniform available lighting from all sides.
  • When installing the greenhouse on a permanent place, the frame is installed and assembled without final tightening. Finally tighten the design with bolts, nuts and other connecting structures after complete assembly and testing.
  • After installing the frame, cover the greenhouse with the selected thermoplastic polymer. Check the work of all removable and moving parts.

Greenhouse Matryoshka, fixing sections

"Country Star" with a removable roof ↑

Transformer-greenhouse "Dachnaya Zvezdochka" is an unheated version of greenhouses for warm regions and zones with limited use during the year. The frame of the greenhouse is represented by a profile with an anti-corrosion coating. Panels, wall and roof, polycarbonate, material thickness is 4 mm. The panels are inserted into the grooves, easily removed selectively one by one or all if necessary. Roof structures gable. The lifting mechanism provides good ventilation, and in winter the coating is completely removed, which allows the greenhouse soil to be protected from deep frost with a layer of snow and does not create a snow load on the roof of the greenhouse.

“Country Star” with the roof removed

The greenhouse is suitable for a small family in its dimensions. Standard sizes: length 2.17 m, width 2.52 m and height 2.23 m. Due to the sliding panels, the greenhouse area can be enlarged with 2.12 m inserts. There are 2 doors and 4 windows in the greenhouse located on the ends. Establish a greenhouse on the ground or the foundation, it is possible from bars or stone belt. The design allows you to grow high crops, with sufficient provision of light and heat.

Matryoshka transforming greenhouse ↑

The Matryoshka transforming greenhouse can be used in the hot south and in regions with fairly snowy winters. To install the greenhouse requires a flat area with uniform illumination. Mounted without foundation. In the configuration there are special stakes for fixing the frame of the greenhouse. The framework of the greenhouse transformer "Matryoshka" consists of steel pipes galvanized from the inside and outside in the form of arcs. All parts of the greenhouse can be easily disassembled for the winter. Greenhouse sliding. The roof is completely removable. The appearance of the roof hemisphere, which is shifted to the ends of the winter, if the greenhouse is not subject to disassembly.

During operation, the panels are shifted and secured with brackets. Covering of the end panels and the roof of polycarbonate. Fixing the coating does not require drilling frame arcs. They are fixed with special brackets. In a collapsible greenhouse, the soil receives all the necessary nutrients from the environment.

Standard length and width of 3.0 m, height of 2.15 m. The area of ​​the transformer greenhouse can be increased by panels in 1.05 m increments. The kit includes 2 end doors, two air vents, fasteners and clamps for doors. The greenhouse is able to withstand a temperature range from -40 to + 60 ° C.

Greenhouse "Matryoshka", assembly for the winter

Greenhouse "Cabriolet" with a folding roof ↑

Transforming greenhouse "Cabriolet" with opening roof was developed specifically for regions with extreme winters. For increase in durability and stability at weather cataclysms, the framework of the greenhouse (arch and the basis) is all-welded from a steel profile pipe. It is very compact. The standard dimensions of the greenhouse are width and height of 1.3 and 1.2 m, respectively. The length is arbitrary from 1.6 to 5.0 m with a step of 1.7 m. Dimensions can be large - width 2.8 and height 2.2 m. The arc pitch is 1 m.

Polycarbonate sheets with a thickness of 4 mm, the parameters are 6.0 x2.1 m. There are 2 doors with windows. Sustainable greenhouse that does not require a foundation for installation. If desired, you can install on the foundation of timber, concrete, bricks. A distinctive feature - compact size and ease of operation. Fast assembly and disassembly of the roof and the entire greenhouse, if necessary. On the eve of snow blizzards, the roof is shifted as in old convertibles or removed completely.

Convertible greenhouse "Cabriolet" ↑

In addition to the transformer greenhouses Cabriolet, cottagers are offered another option for the protected ground: the Cabriolet greenhouse. Externally, it resembles the greenhouse of the same name, but it is more compact and is intended for growing low crops of one of two kinds (cucumbers or tomatoes with peppers, a set of greens, salads).

As a rule, the greenhouse has an arched shape, the length can be divided into several sections. Each section grows a separate culture.

Framework from the steel pipe protected from corrosion. Sections can be opened by simply lifting the handle from any side, which is very convenient. The greenhouse is convenient because it does not take up much space and does not require special care.

In conclusion, ↑

The proposed models of modern greenhouses are very easy to use, affordable.Do not require engineering knowledge during installation. Have a long service life. Sometimes there are complaints that removable roofs will not withstand the load and may collapse. Polycarbonate roof withstands more than 50 kg. Therefore, if necessary, early soil preparation for sowing, the roof can not be removed from greenhouses and mini-greenhouses transformers. Removable roofs are convenient and the fact that when it is removed, the soil during the winter is saturated with moisture and necessary nutrients, the soil does not freeze and will be ready for seasonal work. The ends (walls) of the greenhouse, evenly (on both sides) will be covered with snow. The product itself will not suffer, it will remain whole.

Greenhouse "Cabriolet": when and for what crops?

Model suitable for growing any low cultures, such as peppers, tomatoes. From the beginning to the end of the summer season, the greenhouse will protect planted crops, and if necessary, the roof can be removed.

The greenhouse "Cabriolet" is a construction 1.2 m high, 1.3 m wide, 1.6, 3.3 or 5 m long. The frame is made of a steel pipe with a section of 15 × 15 and a wall thickness of 1.5 mm (the pipe is in a plastic shell that prolongs the life of the product).

Greenhouse made in the form of an archdivided in length into sections. Each part is opened by raising the roof up. You can open sections with one and the other.

Included are hinges, ties, fasteners, pins of PVC to install the structure. For fixing the cover in the closed form clamps are provided.

Covering material is durable polycarbonate. The roof will withstand a load of 50 kg, so if moderate precipitations fall in the region in winter, it can be not removed.

The advantage of this greenhouse model is that the roof can be removed for the winter. Then the soil will be saturated, ready for the season. And the product itself will remain solid no matter how severe the winter will be.

Greenhouse "Cabriolet" is equipped with vents for ventilation. If desired, it can be equipped with an additional partition to create a different microclimate in sections for different cultures.

The photo shows models of greenhouses "Cabriolet":

Model good simplicity of assembly. You do not need to invite specialists - when the elements are delivered to the site, you can even assemble the structure alone.

The greenhouse "Cabriolet" is placed directly on the ground, but to weight the frame, as well as to prevent the soil from leaching out, it is better to install it on the trim of the timber.

The greenhouse "Cabriolet" has already been appreciated by many summer residents.

But to product pleased you with their virtues, choose a bona fide seller and carefully inspect the frame before buying for distortions and other defects.

Watch the video: Build A Mini Greenhouse For Raised Beds (December 2019).