Varieties of tomatoes: Rapunzel

Many gardeners have long been attracted by Rapunzel tomatoes. And, if you look at the photo, you can immediately understand why - the yield is at a height! From the description of the variety you can find out all the advantages and disadvantages of the vegetable. As for the reviews, they are in most cases positive.

"Rapunzel" - tomatoes were bred by English breeders in 2014. What is so liked the new tomatoes? We'll figure out.

Main characteristics and description of the variety

Cherry tomatoes have several varieties, one of them is the Rapunzel tomato, it belongs to the species of indeterminate plants, and the stem can reach two meters in size. From seedlings to harvest only 70-80 days, therefore, it can be concluded that the tomato variety Rapunzel is early ripening. It is desirable to grow it at home, that is, on the balcony, but the reviews of those who planted the bushes at home, say that tomatoes need a large space and high ceilings, so that the plant can grow up and braid support.

If you pay attention to the appearance of tomatoes, you can see small, elastic, round-shaped fruits that are similar in size to a walnut. Sweet and juicy flesh is hidden under the dense, glossy skin of rich red color. Usually on one spit is located about 40 tomatoes. Vegetables are good for seaming and fresh consumption. This variety cannot be stored for long, therefore it is not intended for transportation.

"Rapunzel" is not whimsical in weather and climate phenomena, will grow in any region of the country, the main thing is to provide the bushes with sufficient lighting, because tomatoes love light and without it will quickly die. As previously mentioned, tomatoes are intended for cultivation on the balcony; in a greenhouse, the plant will also grow well and bring a rich harvest. Tomatoes are not intended for open ground.

The positive qualities of the bushes include:

  • high yield
  • not frequent watering,
  • disease resistance.

  • constant need for light
  • inaccessibility of seeds
  • tall bushes
  • underdeveloped root system.

Purchase of seeds

You have already learned all the information about Rapunzel tomatoes, you may have watched a video talking about tomatoes, now you want to buy seeds and plant them at home, this is where a new problem appears, there are no free seeds for planting. Where to buy seeds? Of course, in the online store, it is extremely difficult to find a variety Rapunzel tomato, it may take several days to search, so if you grow a tomato spit, do not forget to stock up on seeds for the coming year so that the coming spring will not run again in search of a fabulous tomato.

By the way, experienced gardeners say that it is better to plant Rapunzel by cutting, the crop is larger and juicier.

Little about planting and care

A good harvest can only be discussed after planting and caring for the plant. If you decided to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse, transplant seedlings there preferably in early May, when the nights are warm and the days are sunny, up to 50 cm apart. Rapunzel seedlings under a film or in a pot should be planted ten centimeters deep into the ground, since the root system is poorly developed, the stem may fall at any time due to a shallow planting.

Tomatoes love fertilizer, it is desirable to delight them with a complex top dressing every two weeks. Water the land should be as drying. Shrubs are formed in one or two stems, for balcony cultivation, it is desirable to grow one plant in a pot. The timely garter of bushes is obligatory.

The novelty of breeders is slowly spreading across all countries, perhaps soon the seeds of the miracle spit will appear in all stores, every summer resident will try to grow Rapunzel at home and then there will be more information about it, but for now you have to be guided by what is .

Reviews gardeners


For the first time, the Rapunzel tomatoes were raised with his wife last year, they are satisfied with the quality and quantity of the crop. Our balcony is small, we had to plant in a greenhouse, despite this, the seedlings quickly began to grow, and a month later the bushes were more than a meter. How beautiful the plant looked at the time of flowering. Everything was littered with yellow flowers, as if the fireflies, sitting on the bushes, illuminated everything with their sunlight. After a couple of weeks, the flowers disappeared and small green beads began to flaunt in their place. Over time, the beads increased in volume and began to turn red. At the end of the fruiting long, neat spit of tomatoes hung on the bushes. In fact, it is impossible to convey all the emotions that overwhelmed me and my wife during the hours of tomato ripening. We decided to plant Rapunzel again this year, because you want to eat its sweet fruits all the time.


I found out about Rapunzel by chance, the tomatoes that lured my mind hung beautifully on the balcony of my old friend. Not keeping my curiosity, I went to visit her and found out everything about these beautiful tomatoes. It turned out that a friend saw a description of the variety in the video and also became interested in it. I was able to buy seeds only through an online store, I waited a long time for a parcel and now, that hour came, the postman brought a notice. Immediately took the package, bought a special land for growing tomatoes and began to plant. Her first disappointment was - there were few seeds in the package, but she decided to use cuttings and planted a whole garden bed on the balcony into which she planted sprouts. Three months later, she was pleased with red tomatoes, similar to cherry, but with different taste qualities. She shared seedlings with me, now I will also plant tomatoes on loggias.


A new balcony variety of tomatoes decided to try out only this year. They sold the dacha, but the love for their vegetables was not lost, they had to use available means and grow vegetables at home, since the balcony is large and roomy. Tomatoes with a fabulous name were attracted by appearance, to be honest, I thought that they would manage to grow such bushes at home, but what the hell is not joking ... In general, I planted, rarely watered, watered twice a week, forgot about fertilizers, but waited for the harvest. Certainly not in the amount as desired, for the first time will come down. Tomatoes rolled up in jars, in the winter we will try. Just in case, I left some fruits on the seeds, maybe next year I will properly care for the bushes and get beautiful tomato braids.

Fruit Description

The fruits are small, dense, taste sweetish and differ in the following features:

  • Tomatoes are bright red, oblong in shape,
  • Fruit weight reaches 100 grams,
  • On the whip berries is up to 40 pieces
  • The variety has an average amount of dry matter and it has few chambers,
  • These tomatoes are suitable mainly for salads, and for canning they are used only with whole fruits,
  • Tomatoes "Rapunzel" have high yields.

These fruits are similar in appearance to the Cherry variety. Unfortunately, the seeds of the variety "Rapunzel" on the shelves of Russian stores is difficult to get.

These tomatoes are good not only in salads, they contain various microelements, glucose, choline and other useful elements. And if tomatoes are regularly consumed, they contribute to getting rid of some diseases, including cholesterol.

Description of Rapunzel tomatoes F1, reviews, photos

Early ripe, tall, wavy tomato hybrid from the British company Flora Nova.

Indeterminate type shrub, 1.8-2.4 meters high, requires a garter to the support and pinching. The manufacturer recommends forming a plant in 1 stem, removing all side shoots (stepchildren).

This hybrid is suitable for brushing fruits.

Fruit Characteristic

Fruits are collected in long, beautiful brushes. It is with his magnificent brushes with the simultaneous ripening of fruits that this gardener with the fabulous name Rapunzel attracted the attention of gardeners.

Tomatoes are round, smooth, glossy, at the stage of maturity of bright red color, good, tomato taste. These tomatoes are universal purpose - suitable for fresh consumption, and for decorating dishes, whole canning and processing.

To get a good harvest this tomato needs feeding.

Features of the cultivation of tomato Rapunzel, planting and care

Sow seeds for seedlings preferably for 50-55 days before the intended landing in the ground. Picks - at the stage of two true leaves. When transplanting seedlings to a permanent place on 1 square. meter plot placed no more than 4 plants.

Further care of tomatoes includes timely watering, fertilizing with complex mineral fertilizer, weeding, preventive measures to protect plants from diseases and pests.

It is still impossible to buy this tomato in our country. But many gardeners manage to “get it” through their friends from the USA, where it is currently available. A similar variety is in the catalog of the collector Valentina Redko.

Tomatoes Rapunzel, video

If you grew Rapunzel tomatoes, please write what was the result. There is very little information about this hybrid, so we will be happy for any additions to the description. If possible, attach a photo of your tomato to the comment. Thank!

Your feedback on Tomato Rapunzel and additions to the description will help many gardeners to evaluate this hybrid more objectively and decide whether to plant it or not.

Features of growing and care

Producers argue that this variety can bear fruit in conditions of limited soil and the crop will be significant, but to obtain such results will have to try.

Variety Rapunzel is very picky about growing conditions. Obtain the promised harvest can be in the presence of good lighting in a warm room, nutrient subacidic soil, strong support to match the height of the bush, timely garter shoots and fruit brushes, timely feeding, watering and loosening the soil.

But in general, the technology of growing this variety does not differ from others: in March - April, sow the seeds for seedlings, in loose nutrient soil. After 3-4 weeks shoots spiked out in separate pots. In the greenhouse seedlings move when the threat of frost has passed.

Rapunzel's Tomato: video

Video in English, but it does not hurt to look at a gorgeous bush of tomatoes.

Vegetable growers who grow Rapunzel tomatoes in their comments note that tomato bushes of this variety have thin and tall stems. Stem root system is well developed. The accessory roots branch out and create a powerful root lobe at a shallow depth. Accelerate the development of the root system will help timely watering in sufficient quantities and high-quality fertilizers applied in a timely manner.

As a true princess, a tomato plant is very sensitive to the lack and excess of moisture in the atmosphere of the greenhouse. Both have a negative effect on the development of the whole plant. Especially noted in most reviews - this is the need of the variety in sufficient illumination and an ambient temperature of at least 22 degrees Celsius. At lower temperatures on the background of insufficient lighting, the quantity and quality of fruits decreases.

All lovers of exotic tomatoes agree on one thing - to get everything from the bush of the Rapunzel variety to the plant breeders it takes a lot of effort, but it's worth it.

Tomatoes "Rapunzel": description of the variety

Rapunzel tomato belongs to the indeterminate varieties of tomatoes. The height of its bushes, which are not standard, can be from 180 to 240 centimeters. Read about determinant varieties here.

This variety is a hybrid, but the hybrids of the same name have no. It is an early ripe grade, the period of its growing season ranges from 70 to 80 days. Breeders recommend growing these tomatoes in patio containers, placing them on a windowsill or on a balcony.

But when growing a Rapunzel tomato at home, one should take into account the considerable height of these plants, since not every balcony can accommodate two-meter bushes. These tomatoes are suitable for growing in greenhouses. Tomatoes of this variety are characterized by high resistance to disease.

Rapunzel tomatoes are characterized by small, round and elastic fruits resembling cherry tomatoes. Under their glossy bright red skin hides the sweet and juicy flesh. Rapunzel tomato variety is very prolific, in one brush contains up to 40 fruits, located compactly and neatly. They are distinguished by an average dry matter content and a small number of chambers. Not for long term storage.

You can compare the weight of Rapunzel variety fruits with others in the table below:

And now we offer to get acquainted with the Rapunzel tomatoes in the photo.


The above-mentioned tomatoes were bred in 2015 by the British company FloraNova. To date, buy the seeds of these plants is very problematic. Following the description of Rapunzel tomatoes, we can conclude that they can be grown in any region when the creators finally decide to produce them for mass sale.

Rapunzel variety tomatoes are salad and most often consumed fresh. For a variety of tomatoes Rapunzel is very characteristic high yield.

The yield of other varieties can be found in the table below:

Tomatoes of this variety have the following advantages.:

  • high yield
  • excellent taste characteristics of fruits,
  • disease resistance.

The main disadvantage of such tomatoes can be called the fact that its seeds are currently almost impossible to buy.

And what are growth stimulants, fungicides and insecticides for growing tomatoes for?


On how to grow Rapunzel tomatoes practical advice and information is not very much, since the sale of seeds appeared recently. However, many are already dreaming to acquire such tomatoes. If you are not lucky and you could not get seeds, then you can replace Rapunzel with more affordable varieties of tomatoes, among which you can distinguish Busiki, Aprikot, Dreams F1, Supersvit 100 F and Cherry black.

Variety description

Rapunzel is an indeterminate variety of tomatoes whose shrubs can reach 240 centimeters. This variety is hybrid, early ripe, it is characterized by a vegetative period of 75 days. This indicator can vary by 5 units in both directions, depending on weather conditions and care. Such plants should be grown on the balcony or in greenhouse structures. Description of the variety characterizes this hybrid with a high degree of resistance to various diseases.

The fruits of the Rapunzel variety are round, they are small in size. Tomato peel is elastic, which maintains a good indicator of their keeping quality, but they are not intended for storage. The variety is fertile: about 1 brush can fit about 40 tomatoes.

Growing up

Initially it was supposed to grow this variety only in a balcony, window sills with the help of lamps of artificial lighting. But for this you need to be prepared for the fact that the bush grows quickly and reaches a length of 2.4 meters. Not every summer resident can provide similar conditions on his loggia or balcony. Therefore, breeders improved a certain list of varietal characteristics to enable gardeners to grow tomatoes in greenhouse structures or in open ground conditions.

At the same time begin to grow seedlings, using the seeds required on the windowsill.In turn, a couple of months grown material is required to prepare for transplanting into the soil. In the southern areas it is allowed to grow tomatoes in the open field, and in the north - only in the greenhouse. In order for the plant to become accustomed to temperature variations, it should be hardened. To do this, for 4-5 days, it is put on the street. It is required to begin the tempering procedure from 2 hours, while its duration should be gradually increased to 6–8 hours.

Before transplanting seedlings need to prepare the beds. They dig up. At the same time, humus is added, and then disinfection is carried out using a solution of copper sulfate. In no case, you can not make organic supplements, since all the nutrient juices will concentrate in the plant crown, and the ovary will slowly form.

Planting seedlings need to be done every half meter, and the depth of the holes should not exceed 10 centimeters. After the formation of ovaries, the summer resident is required to form a bush. To do this, leave 1–2 fruiting branches.

Novelty Bred by Breeders

Such a variety is completely new in the market of not only post-Soviet, but also foreign countries. Its seeds are quite difficult to acquire, because it appeared recently. The first rumors about this species and its photos appeared in 2014 at the American exhibition of breeding cultures. It was there that various cultures were tested for taste and disease resistance.

The exhibition presented this sort of tomato with a long branch, which was entirely studded with small cherry fruits. Another characteristic feature is dense foliage. The tomato is a hybrid, so many thought that it would multiply by cuttings. However, in many online stores you can buy seeds. Thus, very soon this variety will be freely available even in specialized stores.

What can replace the new view

  1. Tomato Apricot Dreams was bred by the same breeders. It is proven, available in our country. The plant does not contain 40 fruits on one branch, but it will be quite realistic to harvest 20 or 30 for one crop. Tomato bush indeterminanthen. Its height can reach only 60 cm (in contrast to the Rapunzel variety). Nevertheless, his growing season is much shorter. It is only 50 days. The miniature plant is easy to grow even in room conditions. The fruit has the shape of a plum and rich apricot color.
  2. The Supersweet variety can be used as a counterpart. The growing season of the Dutch hybrid variety is about 70 days. The main advantage of the plant is its resistance to numerous diseases. Differs in excellent tastes.
  3. Among the exotic varieties of cherry can distinguish the type of "black cherry". Its seeds are commercially available. The height of such tomatoes can be from 2 to 3 m. It must be grown in greenhouse conditions. Such a tall plant requires an obligatory garter. On the branches a large number of small fruits of rich red color are formed.

Thus, the tomato "Rapunzel" is a new variety of tomato, which will be available for sale very soon. Now gardeners can replace it with no less beautiful tomatoes, which have excellent taste.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tomato "Rapunzel" experts have a positive view on many qualities. Tomato advantages:

  • on the plant there is a quick ovary of the fruit,
  • high yield of plants
  • fruits are very tasty, sweet, thin skin,
  • beautiful presentation,
  • fruits are well preserved during transportation.

The disadvantages of tomato "Rapunzel" include the fact that:

  • fruits do not withstand prolonged storage,
  • It is impossible to purchase seeds in the Russian market.


Two months later, after growing seedlings on a windowsill, they begin to prepare it for planting in the ground, and in the northern regions - in the greenhouse. To do this, for 4-5 days it is quenched, exposing it to the air. You need to start from 2 hours and gradually increase the time to 6-8 hours per day.

Before planting, it is necessary to prepare the ridges, for this, dig them up with humus and sanitize the ground with copper sulphate.

Seedlings should be planted at a distance of 50 cm from each other (tomatoes of this variety with its abundant fruiting, you need more space than other varieties). At the same time do the wells with a depth of not more than 10 cm.

Some time after the formation of the ovaries, it is necessary to form a bush, leaving one or two fruit-bearing branches.

Plant care

If the tomato is still grown in a greenhouse, then it is necessary to provide a support for it, which could tie up the shtamb.

This photo-loving tomato does not tolerate low temperature and is very demanding to care, and for this you need to follow a certain agricultural technician:

  • Shoot and remove the lower leaves. If you do not do this, then many extra branches will grow,
  • To tie a fruit whip,
  • Fertilize the plants. The first time to apply inorganic fertilizer two weeks after transplanting,
  • Spud plants and regularly loosen the soil around the root system,
  • Watering plants infrequently, but abundantly.

Mostly non-determinant plants are formed by one stem, but in greenhouses they sometimes allow 2 stems each.

Diseases and pests

Tomatoes "Rapunzel", like other hybrid varieties, a little susceptible to disease. Only for prophylaxis manufacturers recommend spraying them with fungicides and “Profit Gold”.

From natural products suitable infusion of onions and garlic, in which you need to add a little soap. And also in due time to air the greenhouse, to delete the amazed leaves and fruits.

Where to buy Rapunzel seeds

At the moment, genuine seeds of this hybrid in Russia are not available.

  • The cost of a dozen seeds will be about 150 rubles (excluding delivery).
  • Rapunzel is an F1 hybrid, it is not sold as a variety.

Which foreign sites to buy:

  • Tomato Growers (link). Packing cost (30 seeds) - $ 3.75,
  • Totally Tomato (link). The cost of packaging (15 seeds) - $ 3.35.

Similar varieties

There are other varieties of cherry with a long brush (though smaller than Rapunzel F1).

Here are some hybrid varieties of them:

  • Supersweet 100 F1,
  • F1 pipe,
  • Switcherry F1,
  • Apricot Dreams F1.

They all have long brushes with the number of cherry tomatoes in them up to 20-30 pieces.

In their statements about the variety "Rapunzel" most of the growers have the same opinion. They note abundant fruiting with good care: regular loosening of the soil, pasynkovanie, timely watering, ensuring daylight at least 12-14 hours a day.

Many say that the plant, justifying its name "princess", does not like an excess of moisture and arid soil, with a slightly lower temperature, the yield drops sharply.

All vegetable growers who have ever grown this variety are in solidarity with one thing - to get a good harvest from a bush of tomatoes of this variety, you need to put a lot of effort, but then everything will come back a hundredfold.

Care features

Care of planting is provided depending on where it will be grown. If the summer resident planted the plant in a greenhouse, he should form supporting structures that correspond to the alleged growth of the culture.

Regardless of the place of cultivation will need to organize and other care. Since the Rapunzel tomato likes light, does not tolerate lowering temperature indicators, several important rules must be observed:

  • it is required to pass the plant regularly, and also to eliminate its lower leafy plates, otherwise the culture will give a large number of branches,
  • all fruit-bearing branches must be fixed to supporting structures,
  • the plant must be fertilized: for the first time, inorganic dressing is required - this is done 2 weeks after planting the seedlings in the ground,
  • you need to regularly spud planting, loosen the soil around the roots, providing oxygen access to them.

It is also required to provide the plant with abundant infrequent watering. To form such plants should be in 1 stalk. Formation in 2 stalks is allowed only under growing conditions in greenhouses.

Pests and diseases

Rapunzel variety cherry tomatoes are weakly affected by common tomato pathologies and pests. But to still exclude the likelihood of diseases on the bush, it is necessary to carry out their prevention. For this process, planting is advised by fungicides, Profit Gold.

If the summer resident does not want to use chemicals, they can be replaced with folk recipes. To do this, suitable infusion made from onions, garlic, mixed with a small amount of soap. Also a good preventive measure is considered to be regular ventilation of the greenhouse construction, elimination of the affected foliage, fruit.

Harvesting and storage

Since the fruits do not have a good ability to store, they should be timely collected from the bush as they mature. In this case, the tomatoes should be consumed immediately or within a few days.

If the gardener wants to transport the crop, the fruits should be collected in their milky maturity. In this case, the shelf life of the crop will increase by about 1–2 weeks. To store and transport such a crop should be in well-ventilated containers, with the layer of fruit should be small: no more than 10 centimeters. During transport, do not allow ingress of moisture into containers.

Gardeners reviews

Most gardeners positively relate to the Rapunzel variety, noting its high yield, interesting decorative effect. Their feedback is based on the following plant characteristics:

  • bushes of this variety are distinguished by tall, thin stems,
  • the root system of the rod-like form is excellently developed with all the recommended rules for caring for the plant,
  • adventitious roots are actively developing, forming a root lobe at a shallow depth,
  • when grown in a greenhouse, the plant needs to provide moderate watering, since excess and lack of moisture can be detrimental to this hybrid.

Watch the video: Rapunzel Tomato Review - Growing Best Varieties (December 2019).